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Preventing Employees From Internet Addictions

January 2nd, 2015


Preventing Employees From Internet Addictions

Have you ever considered why some of your employees are less productive than their colleagues? Many businesses find that some employees consistently produces at level 10, while others produce at level 5, or lower. If so, you’ll know that this loss in productivity leads to less revenue for your company.


Internet addiction disorder, online gambling, and online pornography addiction are among a growing rate of new addictions that may be plaguing your employees. Time wasted at work on Internet sex addiction, gaming, sporting, shopping and gambling are wasted hours that your employees are being paid to work. Those employees who are addicts are also creating internal office stress among colleagues by not pulling their weight at meetings and on tasks. They are not mentally present at work, they are late to work and meetings, and have a high rate of absenteeism. Worse than all, they may be suffering from an Internet addiction disorder.


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So what do you do? Many employers have found success by mandating that their leadership team and Director of Human Resources are well informed about Internet addiction in the workplace. But there are a few things you should know before you, as the leader/owner of your company demand that your leadership team and HR Director begin implanting new employee policies or even talk with employees about this very sensitive issue.


This post will tell CEOs and Directors of Human Resources what is need to know to make sure they are well informed about Internet Addiction and possible reasons for employee inefficiency. This blog article will empower you to successfully begin putting an end to worker unproductively and employee inefficiency due to Internet addiction. It is critical to note that addicts of any form are suffering. Your involvement in preventing and addressing Internet addiction disorder is truly a gift to your employees.


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There are three commonly used addiction prevention strategies to begin addressing Internet addiction in the workplace. Firstly, companies have found success incorporating Internet Use Policies. Be aware that a trusted attorney who specializes in this field must approve your new Internet Use Policies. You may also wish to include employee representative when crafting such policies.


Secondly, it is highly encouraged to implement wellness-at-work educational programs. Benefits of wellness programs at work include educating your leadership team, your employees, and yourself about Internet Addiction causes and Internet Addiction symptoms. The benefit of using a well-qualified consultant for the clinical and educational articulation of Internet Addiction is they may also be helpful in crafting your Internet Use Policy.


Lastly, some CEOs and Human Resource Directors have found success in internet-addictionphoto_maleusing electronic monitoring software to track Internet abuse. Although most companies use this system of monitoring, studies have shown that there effectiveness in preventing addiction or limiting addiction are mixed.


Make sure that you choose the correct measures that are proven to be effective for the number of employees that you have. Smal

l companies with few employees, for example, might not benefit from spending money on expensive web tracking programs.


Ensure also that you consider to what degree you are willing to fully implement the measure(s) that you are implementing. Under utilizing a particular prevention tip may lessen your chances of meeting your objectives of helping your suffering employees.


Be aware that even talk of implementing an Internet Use Policy could lower staff morale. The wellness-at-work presenter that informs your employees that these initiatives are being implemented for the health and welfare of your employees can easily mitigate this. Your supportive commentary will go far in preventing lowered staff morale.


Now that you know why some employees may be more efficient than others, you’re ready to begin considering these proven suggestions with your leadership team, you HR Director, and employee representatives to finally address Internet addiction in the workplace. You need not worry about your employees being inefficient or suffering from Internet addictions any longer.
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Chris McDuffie


Chris McDuffie is the CEO and Senior Drug and Alcohol Counselor of Turning Point Addiction and Recovery Services. A company that provides the nation’s leading therapeutic counseling service for Parents and Employers. Chris is a retired high school principal having served in New York, New Jersey and California. He is also a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and an IECA Educational Therapeutic Placement Consultant.

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