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Educational Consulting

Aftercare support and placement is a vital next step after rehab treatment. Without it, your loved one or employee is much more likely to relapse.

Here’s how Turning Point help’s you:

  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction or mental health Recovery Placement in Therapeutic Placement (IECA): Ages 12-25, and Ages 26 and over.
  • Educational Consulting for Theraputic and Mental Health Young adults (IECA): Ages 12-25
  • Placement in early stages of recovery: Aftercare placement in wilderness theraputic programs, Intensive Outpatient Servies, sober livings, boarding schools, sober dorms and sober college options.
  • Choice of sober colleges, sober living, or sober coaching prepared before departing rehab.
  • Aftercare placemment in an Intensive Outpatioent Program, a Partial Hospitializtion Program, or an on-line post-treatment program.
  • Turning Point Counselors will plan with your child or employees, local psychiatrist, psychologist, and family counselor to ensure team work and cooperation in aftercare planning.


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