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About Us

Turning Point Addiction and Recovery Services is the nation’s leading therapeutic counseling service for Parents and Employers. We specialize in evaluating your loved one or employee with our proven ‘Turning Point Addiction Assessment’ and placing them in the most ideal Addiction and/or Behavioral Health Rehab Treatment Center that will get the best results and outcome.


To further accomplish our mission, we also routinely conduct college, nursing home and employee drug and alcohol addiction, prevention, and Wellness seminars.


Our team of addiction, mental health and recovery professionals are ready to help you with one of the most important decisions of your life—the health, safety and welfare — of your loved one or your employee.




Meet the Turning Point Team:


Chris McDuffie, MA, CADCA

Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, CAADAC
Certified Therapeutic Placement Educational Consultant. IECA

Founder and CEO, Senior Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Chris is a retired high school principal having served in New York, New Jersey and California. He is a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and an IECA Educational Therapeutic Placement Consultant. Chris is the Founder of Turning Point Addiction and Recovery Services, LLC. Chris founded Turning Point to provide elite, private consulting services to caring parents, family members, and employers who demand the very best for their children, adult loved ones, or employees.

Chris is a proud husband and father of two children, a son in college, and a daughter in private high school. Chris has assembled this outstanding team of educational consultants to provide the very best of care available to American and International families and employers.

Regina Berwick

Regina Berwick, Ph.D. Director of Education

Director of Education for Turning Point Addiction and Recovery Services, LLC

Regina Berwick has held numerous administrative and teaching positions which include teaching middle and high school History and English, Head of School, Academic Dean, Elementary School Principal, & Curriculum Coordinator. Ms. Berwick holds a Ph.D. in Language, Literacy and Learning from Fordham University and a M.A. degree from Lehman College of the City University of NY

Mark McGuiness

Mark McGuiness, Director of Intake, Western USA Region

Specializes in Behavioral Health and Addiction Recovery Needs for Addicted Boys and Male Young Adults.

Raised in Southern California, Mark graduated from The University of San Diego in 1989 with degrees in Political Science and Economics. He later continued on to graduate school at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where he studied educational psychology. After 10 years as a High School and college level teacher and coach he found himself in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and it felt like home. In 2000 Mark made a decision to dedicate his career to helping people recover from addiction.

For the past four years Mark has consulted at several programs, where he helped grow programming to serve a wide variety of needs for people along a broad continuum of care. He has come to understand over the past decade and a half that creating a safe place for young people to rediscover themselves as a clean and sober person is fundamental in early recovery. He wants to continue to play a role in finding and placing recovering people in a dynamic and vibrant recovery community that fits the person they dream of becoming. As part of our team, he brings all that experience and passion with him. Mark is married, and he and his wife, Sarah have two young children living in Carbondale, Colorado.

Lindsay McCutcheon

Lindsay McCutcheon, MFTS, Chemical Dependency Case Manager

Specializes in Behavioral Health and Addiction Recovery Needs for Addicted Girls and Female Young Adults.

Lindsay was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis. Through various unique educational, cultural and personal experiences, Lindsay developed an appreciation for human connection, empathy and resilience that lead her to counseling. Lindsay completed UCSD’s Alcohol and Drug Certification Program in 2013 and is currently working towards a Masters in Marital and Family Therapy at the University of San Diego. Lindsay has experience working with a variety of populations including adolescents, mentally ill adults, and those in the criminal justice system. Lindsay believes in a holistic approach to therapy and helping others be their happiest and healthiest selves.

Jerry M photo(1)

Jerry McCaw

Specializes in Behavioral Health and Addiction Recovery Needs for Adult Alcoholics and Addicts Ages 55 and Over.

Jerry has over 33 years of experience as a Drug and Alcohol Interventionist. His professional expertise and work as a highly successful businessman and a volunteer working with families of suffering addicts in a caring and convincing manner.

Jerry has served as a Director of Aftercare at the famed Scripps McDonald Center in San Diego and has volunteered as a community support person for inmates in the California State Penal System. Jerry is an exceptional Interventionist.


Brian Oliphant

Specializes in Behavioral Health and Addiction Recovery Needs for Families in Europe and Children in American Private/Boarding Schools.

Brian Oliphant has been involved in education in both the U..K. and southern California for over 28 years. A native of Scotland, has a BS from Loughborough University in England and an MS from Edinburgh University in Scotland, where he also embarked upon the PhD program. Mr. Oliphant has also completed numerous courses on educational leadership and child psychology at Pepperdine University and UCLA in California. He has taught and mentored students ranging from 5th grade through graduate level at university.

Other than his specialization is science, Mr. Oliphant has had a particular focus on the social and emotional welfare of the children entrusted to his care. He has single-handedly completed an advisory program for multiple grade levels, and has presented his program for student support mechanisms at numerous venues. Throughout his career, Mr. Oliphant has been a teacher, Department Head, Dean of Students, Division Director, Assistant Head, and Head of School. He is very excited about working with Turning Point Addiction and Recovery Services, LLC where he hopes to communicate and consult with families from Europe and the United States who need addiction and behavior health recovery.


David Cohen(1)

David Cohen

Specializes in Behavior Health and Addiction Recovery Needs for Families of Firefighters, Police and First Responders.

David is a recently retired New York City Firefighter. David is a loving husband and father of two college age sons. David has experience in leading equine therapy and working with autistic children. David is proud to work solely with all national firefighters, police and first responders to bring health and wellness opportunities to those in need of therapeutic assistance. David’s caring and supportive manner is what he brings to these families in their time of need.

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